The Hotel linen belongs to the hotel linen terminology. Is known as towels, tablecloths and sheets, pillowcases and other hotel housekeeping room placement. Hotel linen refers to almost everything a modern hotel with the "cloth" related things, including bedding such as blankets quilt, batting is the core, linen bedspreads, pillowcases pillow, Fitted bed skirts, bed end pad, protective pads, and towels class products.

Hotel linen Category: linen room, dining linen, bath linen, met linen, curtains.

Hotel linen for residential environment, the overall harmony of the salient points, we must consider the special nature of the environment in coordination with the room and the room features, pay attention to the local home environment and the overall unity of style decoration.

Hotel linen focus on product internal quality control, in terms of quality, due to the need to adapt to frequent washing of industrialization, hotel linen and therefore pay more attention to the intrinsic quality indicators, quality bias, breaking strength, water absorption, and resistance to color fastness to washing friction color fastness is guaranteed new class tourist hotel with one of the basic indicators of the performance of the textile use.

Hotel linen before initial use, rinse water can be the first one, you can paste floating color printing quality and surface wash, and it would be relatively soft, not much future cleaning easier to fade.


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